Welcome to AROMA Boutique! A little about me & why I chose FM

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Steph... Id love to tell you a little about who I am & why I started my business.

I got into the business after being a customer - I was so impressed with the products- the eyelash serum brought my lashes back after breaking them & the hair skin & nails supplement means I no longer need steroid cream. So I looked deeper.

The fragrance oils come from the same manufacturer that supplies the big names but without the high prices as the fragrances are simply & elegantly bottled, numbered & packaged. There are no branding teams nor celebrity endorsements  to pay, meaning the savings can be passed onto the customer. All are parfum so purer & longer lasting than EDT or EDP. PLEASE ASK FOR THE FRAGRANCE LIST. 

I asked my dad who has been a CEO all his life to look at the business plan, his words were ‘it’s a very clever business plan that rewards it’s business partners & motivates them.’

It’s given me so much more than just financial security. It has given me confidence, my smile back & the ability to be in charge of my own life again whilst creating the life my children & I deserve.

Why did I decide to go for FM?

*FREE opportunity
*No sign up fee
*No monthly target requirements
*Work as little or as much as you want - works around you.
*Huge range of high quality affordable products that are used everyday
*Immediate profit
*Fast Start - extra discount in your first 10 days, chance to get an additional bonus of £400 in 2nd month, chance to get an additional bonus of £800 in 3rd month
*Car incentive
*Trips to the Maldives & Australia
*Opportunity to get a % of the Worldwide turnover!
*No experience needed
*Full support
 *Make friends who want you to succeed.

When I was younger, I never believed in myself. I was incredibly shy. I’d had 7 operations on my ears & was pretty deaf & with moving to a new area, I had few friends.

I remember my mum watching me in the playground one morning & when she picked me up, she asked me why I hadn’t joined in with the girls rather than standing on my own. I replied that I didn’t want to interrupt their conversation. 😂 Her reply... ‘Two is a conversation, 5 is a free for all’

This was me. A shy introvert.

As I grew up, I learnt how to be more outgoing but still inside I was that little shy girl, I still am...

I have two utterly amazing kiddies who fill me with such pride but being a single mum to them wasn’t in my life plan. It took me a while but I started to live my life again. I went out, I started horse riding again & even played tennis with my mum. They both suffer with anxiety & Wynn also has social & emotional difficulties, autistic traits & sensory processing issues. I am lucky. They go to a brilliant school. They & friends & family support us all every step of the way.

I also had a car accident almost 4  1/2 years ago now, where the door that was resting on my back was hit as I was putting my 3 year old son in his car seat. The elderly man hadn’t heard or felt the force of the accident even though he wrote my car off with the collision. Again though, we were lucky, a few seconds earlier, Wynn & I would have been crushed against the car door.

He fell on the way back to his car & took a chunk out of his head. As first on the scene, I stayed with him. Luckily friends came & helped as he got aggressive. Unbeknown to me at the time, Wynn got out of the car into the road. Luckily again, parents & teachers from their school looked after us.

Since then, I’ve suffered with constant ongoing pain in my back, hip & ankle & neck. I’ve had MRIs & x rays & all have come back clear. Some days are ok, others are bloody awful.

I hadn’t quite realised but I’d hit rock bottom. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to stay at home on the sofa.

I stuck my smile on & pretended all was ok. I posted the happy pictures on Facebook more to convince myself that I was fine!

Eventually, I was referred for a type of counselling & from that was told I’d scored highly for a trauma based depression.

Then I went to see a pain management specialist who told me that I was experiencing pain & he believed me & that he thought I needed pain management treatment.

I’m now building a future for me & the kids. I have had treatment & have a business which is allowing me to have a positive focus instead of focusing on the pain.

I have a business that is allowing me to treat my children and be there more for them!

Follow your dreams! Stay focused!
If I can do it, you can too!! ❤️❤️❤️


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