About us

Like most people we face daily challenges, fears and concerns for our future and that of our family. We are no different to you in that we were brought up to work hard at school, work hard at University or college and then get a job and work hard in the hope that after around 50 years there would be a living pension waiting for us ..... wrong !!

The strange thing is when you stop work the money stops too, healthy pension funds are pretty much a thing of the past and jobs and conventional businesses rarely provide a passive income for life

Having worked hard in what are considered conventional, professional jobs for many years we and our three daughters were introduced to the FM Opportunity and have our own Perfume, Fragrance and Cosmetic business with all of us being Independent Partners collaborating with FM World who provide high quality, inexpensive and affordable products used by most households. The business model is that of ‘network marketing’

With effort, a lot of fun, a fantastic commission and rewards structure we are helping people to save money by spending their hard earned income in a slightly different way and, if they so wish, supporting 'customers' to develop their own 'personal franchise' giving then in turn, additional income

Welcome to our website have a good look around as there's something for everyone be it part time or full time, join with us and with a little effort and our help you too can experience a passive income ... this could just be a decent pension plan and you will not have to work hard for 50 years to collect it !



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