FM aspiring leader

My name is Eva and here is a little about me...
I'm a mum of 2 amazing children and 1 has additional needs, a wife and we have 2 dogs.  So life can be very busy for me.  We also spend time at our caravan on the East coast, as I work in an office term time so that I can spend the school holidays with my family.  I have always wanted to have my own little business, looked for ages but high joining fees have put me off. 
I then came across a friend who was selling FM perfumes and I thought I'd try some and guess what I loved them. I watched her for months selling and I was passing friends on to her too as they were so great. Then it clicked why not ask her about joining,  I did this and I was shocked that FM was FREE to join!  I had nothing to lose I thought and also got the feeling FM came across to me with a non pressuring approach too which was attractive!
That was 2 years ago in October 2018. 
Skip forward to today May 2020....
Ive qualified for 2 fast start bonuses, a spa day, product gifts galore and a full-time wage I could have only dreamed of! The list of bonuses available is crazy and so achieveable 
I'm supporting ladies and gents to join me for FREE and offer everyone the same level of support if this is just to earn £50 or £5000 a month.
On top of what FM has done for me on a monetary and family level, I have also lost 11lbs in 5 weeks on FM’s FIT6 weightloss & detox programme! A fantastic product alongside everything else that we sell!
Our home, makeup and skincare ranges are extremely popular due to their quality and affordable price. My particular favourites are the Ideal Effect foundations, the HD mascara and the long last lippy's that come in an amazing range of colours that last all day!
I want to show you what I've learned and what I know works to give you the best opportunity to do what I'm doing. 
Remember, the main thing is its totally free to join so you have absolutely nothing to lose!
I think you’ll be happy you got in touch😊
Please feel free to ask any questions at all.
Eva xx


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