A little about me

Like most of you, with increasing uncertainties in the world today, I worry for my loved ones and for my future. I worked hard at school, got a conventional professional job, worked hard at that and hoped to retire on a pension which would support me well for the rest of my life. 

Those days are long gone! Working lives are extended to around 50 years, good pension plans are highly expensive and most of us find that when we stop working most of our income just stops too! I am no different to many of you who have experienced redundancy, fought battles for financial survival and looked for a better work/life balance.

Good friends introduced me to the FM Opportunity and I now have my own Perfume, Cosmetics and Nutritional Supplement business as an Independent Partner collaborating with FM World, who provide high quality, affordable products used by most households. The business model is 'network marketing'.

Of course this requires effort, alongside a lot of fun. With a fantastic commission and rewards structure, I'm able to help people to save their hard-earned money by spending in a slightly different way. Where they so wish, I can also support them in developing their own 'personal franchise' and additional income stream.

Welcome to my website. Do take a look around and join me if you wish to create a part or full time passive income. With a little effort and our support, this could mean the pension plan you dreamed of - somewhat earlier than 50 years away!


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